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LIBRARY JOURNAL    2015, Vol. 34 Issue (5) : 4-11     DOI:
The Evolvement of Worldwide RDF Vocabularies for Bibliographic Description
Hu Xiaojing
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Abstract  As semantic web and linked data became hot topics, new standards in metadata, including bibliographic vocabularies and ontologies, were published in RDF or OWL. IFLA’s ISBD Vocabularies and FRBR Vocabularies, RDA Registry, Europeana Data Model (EMD) Vocabulary, OCLC’s BiblioGraph (bibliographic extension of, and Library of Congress’s BIBFRAME are emerging in recent years. There is discrepancy in amount of classes and properties between these RDF vocabularies. The tendency in the making of RDF vocabularies is coordinating among agencies, minimizing number of namespaces, and introducing “event” class into the vocabularies.
Keywords RDF vocabularies      Bibliographic metadata      Metadata standard     
Issue Date: 25 May 2015
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Hu Xiaojing
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Hu Xiaojing. The Evolvement of Worldwide RDF Vocabularies for Bibliographic Description[J]. LIBRARY JOURNAL, 2015, 34(5): 4-11.
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